Strategic Consulting

 We provide integrated guidance that go beyond planning but lead to successful implementation and resource mobilization and include:

Ideation -- igniting innovation trough deep understanding and foliated conversations

Strategic Plans -- developing integrated plans based on organization reality and capabilities

Partners and Collaborators -- identifying potential partners and collaborates to help support the new programs

Implementation -- provide implementation support and guidance for successful execution

Training -- provide training to effectively implement the solutions.




Convening Leaders


We custom design leadership development explorations for networked organizations.  We do so by:

Designing -- creative convenings as a conversation gathering, with the goal of exposing some of the best thinking, and encouraging constructive debate to develop partnerships, connections and networks.

Facilitating -- conversations, fireside chats, breakout groups, and small group discovery sessions so that, participants are exposed to wide ranging issues.  We come together to discover, interact, learn, share, collaborate and network.

Building -- enduring, diverse and multi-disciplinary network of innovative leaders, thinkers and practitioners who are building positive change in their worlds.   


Teaching and Training


We work with universities and educational institutions to establish a hands-on, immersive catalytic innovation laboratory to:

Build Skills – prepare students to effectively participate in and contribute to catalytic/social innovation

Raise Awareness – understand evolving trends and bring new knowledge to bear on social issues while contributing to innovative ways of achieving impact

Build Bridges -- link various approaches for effective impact and scalability

Take Action -- foster an effective global approach to social innovation that is humanistic; non-hierarchal; participatory; and sustainable